Rainforests: the final frontier of discovery

Rainforests is instrumental to the survival of the entire human race. They play a practical role in stabilize the Earth's climate by absorbing CO2 and releasing the oxygen that we depend on. Rainforests hold many of the important solutions of tomorrow´s problems, but there is still a limited knowledge of these iconic environments.

Spectacled alligator
Tropical plants
40 football fields
The size of rainforest that disappears each minute
of all drugs used derived from rainforest plants

Opening sciences towards preservation

Half of the world’s rainforests have been destroyed in a century, and scientific insights are lost before they can be revealed, when countless more species are yet to be discovered. The value of the standing trees and species is yet not fully understood but existing technologies can help us to reveal unknown aspects of wildlife and expand our knowledge of these fascinating ecosystems. Because of its long term commitment to monitor rainforests, particularly in the Amazon through Project Providence, bringing the latest development in bioacoustics technology to serve biodiversity, The Sense of Silence Foundation has decided to register for the XPrize competition.

The X-Prize Foundation is a non-profit organization which mission is to achieve "radical breakthroughs for the benefit of humanity
Prizes for the winners
Competiting teams
XPRIZE use large-scale global incentive competitions to crowdsource solutions to the world's grand challenges.
Its competitions gather scientists, engineers, academics, entrepreneurs and other innovators, companies, and organizations in all disciplines

Providence +: Discover, Understand, Preserve

It challenges the word’s explorers and innovators from all disciplines to develop a new technology that rapidly catalog diverse form of life and unlock the knowledge of the rich lands. Providence + will accelerate the innovation of autonomous technologies needed for biodiversity assessment and will enhance our understanding of rainforest ecosystems by using rapid data integration to provide new wisdom about the forest as well as inspire new investment and exploration. Further than this competition per se, The Sense of Silence foresees through the development of this technology at the UPC, the sustainable use and well being of the rainforest, building on new advances in science, technology, and innovation towards a sustainable bioeconomy.

Global technology able to monitor remotely an ecosystem
Species identified by artificial intelligence techniques
TSOS technology will be combined with unmanned vehicles
It will be possible to monitor in real-time more species than ever

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