Mélanie Laurent: Godmother and ambassador

When Michel told me about his project, I was immediately captivated by the beauty of this unique initiative… to listen to the damage that we are doing to our oceans… to dive amongst the whales and hear what the folly of man has done. I am extremely proud and honoured to be godmother and an ambassador to this unique, essential and wonderful Foundation.

We live and behave here on Earth as though every part of it belongs to us, instead of being eternally thankful that it has welcomed us amongst it… this blue planet, originally so pristine, comprised of 70% oceans, and yet, again with contempt, we chose to call it Earth. It is time to repair our mistakes. To plunge into the water… and look for even the slightest bit of remaining silence…

“To give back a voice to the ones that we have forgotten”

Mélanie Laurent
Only together we can change everything

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